Tourism campaigns in Ecuador have low results

The Comptroller’s Office is seeking the use of resources during campaigns.

Tourism Ministry showed several indicators that show that Ecuador, despite tourism campaigns, continues receiving 1.5 million tourists a year.

In 2018, 2.4 million people entered the country. However, most were Venezuelan citizens. Without the migrants’ group from the neighboring country, the number of tourists remained 1.5 million.

The campaigns undertaken by the Alvarado brothers, during the government of former President Rafael Correa, have not worked. The advertisements in football matches or the expensive wedges and advertising pieces only served for the State Comptroller’s Office to investigate the irregular use of resources.

In 2019, the investment budget of the Tourism Ministry was almost four million dollars. Of that, for advertising pieces, $ 980,000 was used. The «All You Need is Ecuador» campaign exceeded 44.1 million.

Tourism Minister Rosi Prado de Holguin explained that by 2020 more resources will be used for promotion, but also in other projects to support tour operators.

Sources: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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