Protest in front of Uruguayan Parliament against pension reform

Workers affiliated with the PIT-CNT union and members of social organizations here today repudiated the pension reform being discussed by a committee of the Uruguayan Parliament.

In front of the Legislative Palace, Lucía Padula, representing Intersocial (which brings together various movements), accused the Executive of harming the most vulnerable sectors of society with the proposal.

She pointed out that the government initiative lacks a gender perspective and ignores dissidents and people with disabilities.

Ella Padula assured that it will be the youngest who will suffer the most from the modifications to the retirement system, since they will have to work more years for a smaller retirement.

From a rostrum set up before Parliament, the head of Organization of the PIT-CNT, Enrique Méndez, described the reform as a “brutal synthesis” of the adjustment process adopted by the Government.

He remarked that the legislative project was born without popular support, which, he said, is demonstrated by the crowd that marched in the morning from the University of the Republic to the legislative compound.

He emphasized that the retirement regime and social security demand changes, but not on the backs of the workers.

Méndez announced that if the reform is approved, the protest demonstrations by the union movement will continue.

The day before, the government of President Luis Lacalle Pou accepted some modifications demanded from within the official coalition, but parliamentarians from the opposition Broad Front consider that they do not respond to the demands of the workers.

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