National Government again attacks our website “Pichincha Comunicaciones EP”

With these, there would be more than 600 alerts that we have received from the Presidency of the Republic in this year.

The Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador is still trying to close our website

Now it has used a new campaign of denunciations against our portal to definitively eliminate the server where all our information is.

The Government again issued multiple complaints against the images that we published on our web portal.

This time there were 32 alerts against the server. This, despite the fact that all the graphics we use in our notes are illustrations.

We have created these illustrations to avoid these problems. In the last year, there have been more than 600 complaints by the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Government, the Ministry of Defense and various public entities.

For this reason, we clarify that all the images we use to make our illustrations have their respective source and quote from the medium or entity from which it was taken.

In Ecuador, multiple digital media have denounced several attacks by the National Government, and Pichincha Comunicaciones is no exception.

In addition, we reported 5,900 threats and hacking attempts in the last month.

For all this and to avoid future inconveniences, we have decided to unsubscribe these photographs, but we express again our concern and disagreement with these attacks.

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