Ecuador rejects claim on possible participation in military-based attack in Venezuela

Photo: Metro Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry published the statement on its official website.

On December 24, the Ecuadorian Government issued a statement in which it “strongly rejects the bold and unfounded statement of an official of the Nicolas Maduro regime on the alleged participation of Ecuador in a military incident that would have taken place yesterday In Venezuela.”

In addition, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry described the statement of Venezuela’s President Nicols Maduro as “frivolous.” The official also said that these allegations “are a simple attempt to divert attention from economic collapse, human rights violation, mass emigration and institutional illegitimacy suffered by the Venezuelan people.”

At the bottom, the document stated that “only the recovery of democratic legitimacy will open the doors for a permanent solution to the serious crisis in Venezuela.”

On December 23, Venezuelan Communication Minister Jorge Rodríguez said that Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil facilitated the movements of the armed group responsible for Sunday’s attack against a military base in the south of the country; a work that would have been led by opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Guaido, he said.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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