UN calls on Ecuador to respect citizens’ right to protest

Photo: Reuters

“Ecuadorian authorities should guarantee the right of people to demonstrate peacefully.”

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Regional Office for South America, issued a statement to urge Ecuadorian authorities to respect the right of the citizens to demonstrate peacefully.

As mass protest started over a package of economic measures announced on Oct. 2 by President Lenin Moreno, the OHCHR recalled the Ecuadorian authorities they should guarantee the right of people to demonstrate peacefully, “protecting their rights to freedom of expression and opinion, and to peaceful participate in the affairs of the country.”

“By safeguarding the right to peaceful demonstration, the police have a duty to identify people who act with violence to isolate them from other protesters. The acts of violence or crimes committed by some people should not be attributed to others whose behavior is peaceful, ” the statement read.

Warning about the violence of the security forces against demonstrators, the U.N. also rejected “the acts of violence committed by other parties including attacks on people, destruction of public and private property, among others damages.”

This article originally appeared on teleSUR English.

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