Brazil creates over 520,000 new jobs in Q1

Brazil created 526,173 new formal jobs in the first quarter, based on a balance of 6,040,592 hires and 5,514,419 dismissals, the Ministry of Labor and Employment reported Thursday.

The data, from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed, showed that 195,171 new jobs were created in March, as a result of 2,168,418 hires and 1,973,247 dismissals, nearly double the 100,000 new jobs estimated by the financial market.

“This year’s March figure was a bit of a surprise,” Minister of Labor and Employment, Luiz Marinho, said during a press conference.

“There are cargo transportation and infrastructure works that are influencing the March number, which I didn’t expect,” Marinho said.

The data also showed that in March there was an increase in employment in four of the five sectors of the economy. While sectors of industry, construction, commerce and services created 20,984, 33,641, 18,555 and 122,323 new jobs respectively, agriculture had a negative balance of 332 jobs.

The data indicated that at the end of March, Brazil had a cumulative 42.97 million formal jobs.


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