Chilean Senate approves controversial law that expands police powers

In a lengthy session that lasted until the early hours of this morning, the Chilean Senate approved the controversial Nain-Retamar Law, which expands the powers of the police to use their firearms.

The initiative had a good number of modifications in the upper chamber introduced by the Executive and several legislators with the purpose of establishing limits to the concept of “Legitimate privileged self-defense”, which could lead to impunity for the agents.

Finally, an agreement was reached to temper the text already approved by the deputies and it was established to consider the rational use of weapons only when preventing or repelling an aggression that could seriously affect the physical integrity or the life of the police officer or of a third party.

The Minister of Justice, Luis Cordero, said he was satisfied with the result and emphasized that legitimate defense is applicable when it is a matter of saving lives in danger, but not in the case of protecting property.

Prensa Latina

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