Ecuador ends agreement with Cuban doctors

Photo: Escambray

Maria Paula Romo said Cuban doctors will be replaced by national specialists.

The government announced its decision to put an end to a bilateral cooperation agreement on health between Ecuador and Cuba, which enabled the island’s doctors to work in the country.

The announcement was made by Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo who said the move means “there will be no renewal of agreements or new agreements between Ecuador’s and Cuba’s health ministries.”

According to Romo, Cuban doctors will be replaced by Ecuadorian specialists who will be called to apply from tomorrow to fulfill the nearly 400 places that will be free.

Romo also said these agreements are the last ones of this kind to be in force until the end of this year, however she added, the government is hoping to terminate them before that time. “When we started the government, there were many more [doctors] but the agreements were progressively replaced by direct hiring positions,” the official added.

Sources: teleSUR, Pichincha Universal.

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