Paola Pabon describes her legal situation as political persecution

Photo: National Assembly

The Multiparty Commission heard the appearance of the Prefect of Pichincha.

The prefect of Pichincha Paola Pabon denounced before the National Assembly Multiparty Commission -which investigates the events registered during the October protests- that the government wants to snatch her Pichincha’s Prefecture.

Pabon said her accusation for the crime of rebellion is part of the political persecution, which seeks to ignore the people’s vote who elected her as Prefect of the Pichincha Government.

She said the Prosecutor’s Office did not need urgent action or invade her house. For this reason, she requested that her preventive detention measure be replaced by the use of a shackle so she can work at the Prefecture.

“They can put me all the shackles they want, but, let me go to my workplace. Don’t take away from people what they decided at the polls,” she said.

She said her occupation is the result of a popular election and that she barely has 60 days to report to work when the current instruction lasts 120 days. With this information, she made it clear that the intention would be to get her out of the Prefecture.

“I have not risen in arms to be accused of rebellion,” she said after pointing out that the Government questions her for having promoted actions against the regime, during the October demonstrations.

“Let no one be fooled. This is political persecution just for being “correista” (supporter of former president Rafael Correa),” she exclaimed. Pabon added that the October protests were the result of diversity, as people questioned a measure imposed by the government that harmed Ecuadorians.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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