Bini’s attorney: “We still do not have access to the complete file”

Carlos Soria, Ola Bini’s attorney, reported on social media that although the investigation against Bini concluded, as a technical defense they have not been able to access the complete file of this case. In the same way, he stressed that new illegalities have been committed against Bini.

“It has been more than 39 hours since the investigation was completed in the Ola Bini case and as a technical defense we remain without access to the complete file,” he tweeted.

It should be remembered that the investigation process against Bini concluded on August 31, 2019. Two days before the end of this period, charges against him were resubmitted, before he was accused of “attacking the integrity of computer systems” and now he is accused of “unauthorized access to a computer system.”

Carlos Soria explained that the defense “only had two days to defend itself against the new crime” and “the prosecutor tried to add new information that lawyers cannot analyze.”

Sources: El Comercio, Pichincha Universal.

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