“I’ve been a harassment victim since 2 years ago,” Soledad Buendia

Photo: Wambra Radio

“I was afraid for my life and those of my family.”

From the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador, Congresswoman Soledad Buendia appeared before the occasional Commission that investigates the events during the October protests. Buendia said she requested international protection because she and her family suffered harassment since two years ago.

“I received death threats. I was afraid for my life and those of my family. I went to all national authorities to ask for protection. Having no response, I asked the Mexican State for international protection,” she said.

She explained that while her life is in danger, she will remain under the protection of the Mexican government. “I consider it is the priority of any human being. If they had suffered the terror that I suffered, they would have made a similar decision to protect their lives and those of their family,” she said.

The head of the Commission, Fernando Burbano explained that, first, all the people involved will be heard to tell their version of the facts. Then, there will be a space in the legislative debate in order to present their hypotheses.”

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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