Maria Paula Romo: No person died because of the Police

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“They lost their lives in the context of the demonstration,” she said. Today, the Ombudsman announced that two people died due to a gun impact.

“There is not a single person who has lost the life as a result of an attack or the way to repel that the police had to use,” Government Minister Maria Paula Romo said about the 10 people who died during the protests.

Romo went to the National Assembly to give more details about what happened during the protests against the economic measures announced by President Lenin Moreno.

“There are several people who lost their lives in the context of the demonstrations. But none is related to a bullet. None bullet was fired,” Romo reiterated.

Earlier today, the Ombudsman Freddy Carrion confirmed that the death toll rose to 10, of which two due to a weapon impact, according to the medical report.

Romo referred to the two young people who died due to a fall from the San Roque bridge and said they were not thrown by the police.

“Thrown by the police would have meant a deliberate action by policemen to send them off the bridge and that was not so,” the minister said showing photographs and videos on this fact.

Sources: Pichincha Universal, El Comercio.

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