Ombudsman rejects Marcos Lopez’s statements

Photo: El Comercio

“Such statements do not contribute to an environment of dialogue, peace and full guarantee of human rights.”

The Monetary and Financial Regulation Policy Board representative, Marcos Lopez said during a radio interview “I wish we were here as in Chile; when a carabinero is not respected, he pulls out the gun, shoots and it’s over. ”

In this context, Ecuadorian’s National Human Rights Institution said it “categorically rejects” that insinuation.

In the official statement, the Ombudsman’s Office “demands rectification of Marcos Lopez’s statements, since they were not said in a personal capacity, but in the name of a State Institution, which represents an incitement to violence in any context.”

“Military and police institutions aim to guarantee public and citizen security as part of their powers. These attributions -indispensable for the consolidation of a State of rights- must be exercised with responsibility, respecting the right to life and the integrity of all people,” said Ombudsman Freddy Carrion.

The Ombudsman’s Office concluded by urging “all public workers to avoid the issuance of messages that promote hatred or violence. The National Human Rights Institution is convinced that Ecuador needs an atmosphere of dialogue, peace and full guarantee of human rights, even more at this moment.”

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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