Foundation asks Constitutional Court decriminalize abortion in cases of rape

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They criticize that the country has not considered six recommendations by the U.N.

“A reality not so sweet,” says the card that accompanies the bread that Desafio Foundation delivered on October 29 to the Constitutional Court to request the decriminalization of abortion in cases of rape.

“Girls, not mothers,” Virginia Gomez de la Torre explained. “It means the message we want to convey to the Constitutional Court so that it is located in the reality of raped and pregnant Ecuadorian girls.”

On the Day of the Dead, it is a tradition to make and consume “guaguas de pan” in Ecuador. The Desafio Foundation took this opportunity to deliver it to the Assembly and the Constitutional Court with the data and figures of girls who have suffered rape.

“In this country, girls get pregnant every day. Seven girls give birth and seven girls abort. Three thousand girls get pregnant every year,” De La Torre said.

“The Court has in its hands the possibility of analyzing the issue and deciding the fact that abortion must be decriminalized in case of rape,” she said, indicating that the Executive’s veto on reforms to the Integral Criminal Organic Code (COIP) is expected today.

Source: Pichincha Universal

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