IACHR requests information from Ecuador on detainees during protests

The Commission recommends that the State refrains from engaging in mass, collective or indiscriminate detention practices.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted a period of 15 days to the Ecuadorian State to collaborate with the delivery of information on the number of people deprived of liberty in the context of the repression of protests and social crisis social in Ecuador.

In a letter addressed to Foreign Minister Jose Valencia, the IACHR requested names and the place where they are located, as well as their legal status.

The list includes Alexandra Arce (mayor of Durán); Christian González and Pablo del Hierro; the prefect of Pichincha, Paola Pabon; and the congressman Yofre Poma.

Under these circumstances, the Commission insisted to the Ecuadorian State that congressmen have parliamentary immunity.

This information was provided by IACHR members to the defense of the Prefect Paola Pabon, who remains detained for the alleged crime of rebellion.

Source: Pichincha Universal

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