Ecuadorian Indigenous: “Our lives depend on the Amazon”

Representatives of Ecuador’s Indigenous peoples staged on Wednesday a sit-in before the National Assembly’s building in Quito, demanding the government of President Lenin Moreno to enforce local and international legislation protecting their rights and the country’s environment.

“We reaffirm, once again, our position as nations of the Ecuadorean Amazon region, our struggle and, our total rejection of the Brazilian government,” said the president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (Confeniae), Marlon Vargas, to EFE, referring to the Jair Bolsonaro administration that has fueled the physical and political flames that engulf Brazil’s Amazon forest.

President of the Confeniae, which represents 11 Amazon nationalities, said that the Brazilian government “speaks about the fire (in that country), but it doesn’t say how many peoples and nationalities are being affected in that territory and doesn’t make visible what it happening (there).”

Meanwhile, the president of the Waorani Nationality Coordination Council of Ecuador (Conconawep), Nemonte Nenquimo said that: “We’re going to be prepared and united with other Amazon nationalities in a single fist to demonstrate to the world that we must be respected,” said Nenquimo, adding that “our lives and those of our children depend on the Amazon.”

Sources: EFE, teleSUR, Omnia.

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