Pregnancy prevention in adolescents and girls runs out of funds

Photo: Surkuna

They alert a 100 percent decrease for the pregnancy prevention budget and 84 percent for the prevention of violence against women and girls.

The director of the Surkuna collective, Ana Vera said the State should guarantee a decent life for women and girls. “Without a budget for these programs, their lives are at risk. In the 2020 budget, pregnancy prevention in adolescents and girls ran out of funds,” she claimed.

Therefore, they ask the Government and the Assembly members to “stop using us as a speech. If they really care about women and girls, they have to grant the necessary budget. “

The Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Rights director, Octavio Miranda said that “the country occupies the second place, at the Latin American level, of teenage pregnancies. This is not to boast. We have to allocate the necessary budget to prevent it.”

He reiterated that “pregnant girls die in hospitals due to causes that could be prevented. There is inequality of rights.”

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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