Argentine candidate concerned on political persecution in Ecuador

Photo: Pichincha Universal

Fernandez expressed concern about Paola Pabon and other Ecuadorian social and political activists.

Argentine presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez expressed concern about the human rights situation in Ecuador and stood in solidarity with leaders of left-wing social and political organizations.

“The serious events that are taking place in Ecuador is very concerning. Two…women, leaders within the political opposition are suffering political and judicial persecution.”

“I’m referring to Gabriela Rivadeneira, who requested asylum from Mexico, and Paola Pabon, the governor of Pichincha (province), has been detained since Monday morning. Such violations of the rule of law in the region should not be taking place.”

The Provincial Justice Court of Pichincha on Tuesday issued 90-day preventive detention for Pabon, for supposedly helping to incite the recent national strike that swept Ecuador for 11 days.

In addition to Pabon, the Ecuadorian authorities have arrested journalist Christian Gonzalez, former lawmaker, Virgilio Hernandez, former mayor of Duran, Alexandra Arce, and lawmaker Yofre Poma among others militants of the Citizens’ Revolution.

Source: teleSUR, Prensa Latina.

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