Prosecutor’s and Police confiscated Pichincha Universal equipment

Photo: Pichincha Universal

“We ask the Government to guarantee the right to freedom of expression, as President Lenin Moreno has mentioned several times.”

On Tuesday afternoon, personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office and National Police arrived at Radio Pichincha Universal building with the objective of confiscating its equipment. They said that the crime would be “incitement unrest,” during the “En la Oreja” program, on October 3.

Prosecutors asked journalists and workers to collaborate with authorities and deliver everything related to the investigation: “I ask you help us because I do not want to cause damage, I do not want to cut transmissions. So I ask you to collaborate with me.”

Due to the fact that this action against Pichincha Universal was caused while Ecuador’s protests were broadcasting live, the authority in charge informed that if citizens will go to the radio station, another crime would be incurred.

“I alerted this morning that we feared the worst: Pichincha Universal has just been raided. With the state of exception, they already took away the rights of assembly and circulation. Now they are closing the media. What is the next step?”

Given these facts, we ask the Government to guarantee the freedom of expression right, as President Lenin Moreno has mentioned it several times. He even has said that the country is living a new stage in which journalists are not persecuted anymore.

Sources: Pichincha Universal, Twitter.

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