Saraguro girl asks President “not to persecute Indigenous people”

Photo: Pichincha Universal

“Honestly, I don’t see when our indigenous people have been persecuted.”

A Saraguro girl, Siway Lozano asked President Lenin Moreno “not to persecute indigenous peoples,” during the event “Ecuador for the childhood” held at the Government Palace.

“The issue I have (is) the right to participation so that children, youth and girls are heard by the government, with our parents and our brothers who are always with us. The proposal I have (is) to implement spaces where we can express our feelings, our opportunities. And I request Lenin Moreno Garces something else: to help us achieve this and not persecute our indigenous brothers. They are not doing something wrong, they only defend our rights,” the little girl said.

President Moreno said that the government does not persecute them and recalled the freedom that children and youth have now.

“Honestly, I don’t see when our indigenous brothers have been persecuted. Now, my dear young lady, it is in the hands of justice. Now, the president does not call to give orders. All of us are responsible for the acts we do. Do not persecute us, they say, but they persecuted many people, destroyed many businesses, beat many people on the streets mercilessly, journalists, policemen. That was a confrontation,” said the Head of State.

Perhaps, this moment deserves a reflection. Let’s propose an adult rights convention. Sometimes we adults feel vulnerable,” Moreno added.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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