Moreno urges developed countries to assume responsibilities to face climate change

President Lenin Moreno participated in the Climate Action Summit convened by the United Nations Secretary-General in New York, United States.

The Ecuadorian president made a call on developed countries to commit and share responsibilities. In this context, he said that in Ecuador the deforestation rate has been reduced by 24%.

“Ecuador is one of the 10 most biodiverse countries on the planet. We have urgent problems that we must solve. Therefore, brothers of the world, in this tireless task of fighting against climate change, it is time to contribute, all of us, without exceptions. We call on countries to raise their commitments with that fund called green, for the climate,” he said.

He added that Ecuador’s climate commitment is reflected in the National Development Plan that has been called “Toda Una Vida” and in the U.N. Sustainable Development Agenda.

He warned that temperature increase of the Earth’s atmosphere is deteriorating the Andes glaciers and affecting the Amazon, so he said that in a few years “El Niño” phenomenon will be more aggressive and it will affect Galapagos Islands.

Sources: Secom, Ecuavisa, Metro, Pichincha Universal.

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