Virgilio Hernandez: ‘The people are first imprisoned and then the crime is judged’

Photo: El Comercio

The former lawmaker insisted that the Prosecutor’s Office must argue its accusation.

Former lawmaker Virgilio Hernandez said that with Judge Patlova Guerra’s decision -to issue alternative measures for the preventive detention that weighed against him- it will be up to the Prosecutor’s Office to support its arguments that it has evidence against the three defendants.

“It must show that we took violent actions to ignore the Constitution and the Government.” He added that there is no element that can prove or sustain what the Prosecutor’s Office says.

On this issue, he was very emphatic in pointing out that in Ecuador, the people are first imprisoned and then the crime is judged.

When Hernandez was asked why he was not at home the day they led the search, he said that he was previously harassed. However, he clarified that the pictures that were disseminated on alleged evidence found in his home do not belong to him.

The former lawmaker said that the decision taken by Guerra represents an important step in justice. That is why he questioned the attitude of the Prosecutor’s Office. “What you plan to do with the judge is serious. It is a threat that harms everyone. We have to reflect on the role of judges and prosecutors without political pressure, ”he said.

Now Hernandez, Gonzalez, and Pabon must appear weekly before the judicial authority, wearing an electronic shackle on their ankles and are banned from leaving the country.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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