Rafael Correa rules out having met with Marcelo Odebrecht

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Fernando Villavicencio insists on his claim and the former president describes him as a liar.

Former President Rafael Correa denied knowing Marcelo Odebrecht, who until December 22 was president of the Brazilian company that would have benefited from contracts with the Ecuadorian Government.

On his Twitter account, Correa satirized the publication made by Fernando Villavicencio on social media.

“From the saga: Correa bought a house in cash, Odebrecht elected president, Correa has 194 million in the Vatican Bank, now, for Christmas, Correa met with Marcelo Odebrecht, which would not be bad, but I don’t even know him,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Villavicencio commented that the construction company’s representative, Antonio Poncioni would have revealed that the former president received Marcelo Odebrecht at the Carondelet Palace.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones

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