Chilean students call for release of prisoners of social upheaval

 (Prensa Latina) Students on Thursday occupied the headquarters of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), in this capital, calling for the release of prisoners of the popular revolt that broke out in October 2019.

The students, members of the Coordinating Assembly of High School Students (ACES), also called for the release of Mapuche detainees.

Spokespeople of this organization told the media that they occupied the INDH offices because it has not trongly taken a stance on human rights violations in the country.

The students put posters and banners on the outside fence of the building, in which they called for justice for the people who are being held in custody without due trial, many of whom have been in this condition for more than a year.

The AES said in a statement that this situation ‘is a reality hidden by the government and the institutions, but which they caused and perpetuated by creating laws aimed at criminalizing social protest.’

Precisely, on Thursday, the members of the Convention that will draft the new Constitution of Chile, are discussing a statement on this issue at its headquarters in the former National Congress.

Likewise, a proposal to pardon these prisoners is advancing in Senate commissions amid strong controversy.

The government completely refused to address this issue, claiming that these are people who committed criminal acts and have been sanctioned by the courts.

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