Chilean constituents debate on those imprisoned after social outbreak

(Prensa Latina) The debate of a statement on the release of those that were imprisoned after the social outbreak on October 2019 in Chile may cause tensions during the second working session of the Constituent Convention.

The topic on the agenda is gaining notoriety just as there is a draft for amnesty in Senate commissions for an as of yet unknown, but apparently numerous amount of people, most of them youths in preventive prison since that date.

This has generated strong controversies between the opposition and right-wing legislators, and it can be assumed that the Convention will also be a stage of serious disagreements between its 155 members.

A significant part of them, including the President and Vice-President of the Convention, back the measures that would lead to releasing the prisoners, but the representatives of officialism are flat-out opposing it, even if they are in the minority.

The Convention, tasked with redacting Chile’s new Constitution, managed to hold its first working session, in an intense day at the seat of the former National Congress, dedicated essentially to organizational topics.

This included expanding the directive table, integrated up to this point only by the President and Vice-President of the Convention, and the creation of commissions of Rules, Ethics and Budget and Interior Administration.

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