Bolivia prosecutors order arrest of Evo Morales, in exile in Argentina

Courtesy of Bolivian Presidency/Handout via Reuters.

Bolivia prosecutors issue arrest warrant for former President Evo Morales on sedition, terrorism charges.

Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office has ordered Wednesday the arrest of former president Evo Morales, exiled in Argentina, as part of the complaint filed by the current “de facto” government for the alleged charges of sedition and terrorism.

The document -signed by La Paz prosecutors Jhimmy Almanza and Richard Villaca- orders prosecutors, policemen and public officials to “apprehend and lead Mr. Juan Evo Morales Ayma before the Prosecutor’s Offices.”

The complaint of the self-proclaimed authorities is based on a telephone call, in which Morales supposedly orders to block the roads and “not let food pass” to the cities. The former president said that the video is a “set up.”

Evo Morales supporters are denouncing this measure against their leader as an attempt to prevent him from returning to his country in the future.

Source: El País

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