Bolivia’s TSE authorizes MAS to run in next elections

Photo: La Razón

TSE has a maximum of 20 days to set the date of the elections in which Evo Morales will not be able to run.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Bolivia announced that the party “Movimiento al Socialismo” (MAS) will be able to participate in the general elections of 2020.

After rejecting two challenges and a written note requesting the cancellation of MAS’s legal status, the TSE said in a statement that Morales’ political party was legally able to present a candidate for the 2020 election and there was no reason or legal action to take to prevent that from happening.

“MAS maintains all the prerogatives and duties of Bolivian political organizations and is legally entitled to participate in the 2020 electoral processes,” reported the TSE.

“Those who called for the banning of MAS are the coup leaders, the anti-democrats, the heirs of Banzer. The only thing we ask of the new members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal is that they apply the law without becoming partial to any party or citizen group.”

The electoral body unanimously dismissed the demands of right-wing sectors, “none of them are in line with the causes of loss of legal personality of political organizations provided by law,” the statement added.

Source: teleSUR

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