Colombia imports Ecuadorian gasoline due to the paralysis of activities and protests

Colombian President Iván Duque was forced to import Ecuadorian gasoline due to the paralysis of activities led by the indigenous councils of Nariño, in southern Colombia, and the protests in that country that keep cities under siege and roads blocked, causing the fuel shortage.

Luis Fernando Villota, mayor of Ipiales, indicated that Ecuador will export derivatives in an emergent way due to the blockade of the roads.

Ecuador’s Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Resources, René Ortiz, confirmed that Ecuadorian fuel tankers entered Colombia last Wednesday.

According to Petroecuador, it is expected to export some 65,000 barrels to Colombia: 20,000 of gasoline, 10,000 of diesel and 35,000 of domestic gas.

In charge of the negotiation will be the trading companies Terpel-Ecuador and Primax that have the authorization of the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources.

Darío Revelo, Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Ipiales, announced that, of the 210,000 gallons of gasoline that began to be sold, 90,000 were distributed in Ipiales and 110,000 in 12 neighboring municipalities.

The official indicated that for the arrival of the Ecuadorian fuel, a humanitarian corridor was created, in order for the tankers to mobilize. This first installment is expected to last until Saturday.

To face the emergency, the authorities established maximum sale caps: for public vehicles, $ 11.60; individuals, up to $ 8.70; and motorcycles, $ 2.90. The official price per gallon is trading at $ 2.13.

In four authorized pumps, long lines of people with plastic containers were registered yesterday and hundreds of cars listed were waiting to receive the quota established by the authorities.

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