Thousands stage global climate protests before UN summit

Photo: Reuters

According to a study, half of the old continent’s population fears more climate change and its consequences that losing their jobs or a terrorist attack.

Thousands of protesters have marched all around the world demanding from governments more solid and energetic actions to stop climate change, just a few days before the conference held in Madrid, next December 2nd, as a part of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP25).

The strikes began in Australia, where people affected by hundreds of forest fires that devastated the states of New South Wales (Southeast) and Queensland (northeast) recently joined young activists to protest the government’s position in favor of the use of coal.

Demonstrations were also expected in other 2 300 cities in 153 countries around the world, according to the climate campaign group Friday for Future. The protests come as experts warn that global temperatures could rise sharply over this century with destructive consequences after greenhouse gas emissions hit record levels.

For instance, in France, protesters specifically lashed out at the so-called Black Friday. Outside parliament in London, protesters flew a giant blimp in the shape of a baby with “Guess my weight in CO2” written on its vest.

According to a study from the European Investment Bank (EIB), 47% of Europeans consider climate change as the number one threat in their lives, above unemployment, immigration to large scale and concerns about terrorism. Especially, citizens between 15 and 29 years old, in southern countries such as Spain, Greece, and France, believe they will have to move to another country because of the climate crisis.

Sources: teleSUR, Reuters.

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