In Ecuador Paola Pabón denounces political persecution

“I am the prefect; I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be working like today until 2023 ”, said Paola Pabón.

The prefect of Pichincha, Ecuador, Paola Pabón denounced the political persecution that she lives in Ecuador.

This Monday, Judge Santillán sent a notification to the prefect of Pichincha. The magistrate requests a date and time for a trial to review the precautionary measure that weighs on the prefect for the alleged crime of rebellion, together with former Assemblyman Virgilio Hernández and leader Christian González, all members of the party of former President Rafael Correa.

Paola Pabón maintains the precautionary measure of periodic presentation, use of electronic shackles and prohibition of leaving the country since 2019. At the beginning of the fiscal investigation, the prefect received the order of preventive detention and was admitted to the Regional Social Rehabilitation Center of Cotopaxi, in Latacunga.

The trial to change the precautionary measure against Pabón is because they have informed him that the prefect “would pretend to evade the actions of justice by acquiring political asylum at the Embassy of Mexico”, in Quito.

The Mexican Embassy issued a statement on its Twitter account where it clarifies that no Ecuadorian has requested asylum.

Pabón assured that the prosecutor’s pretext is “ridiculous” while declaring that he has not requested political asylum.

Previously, the official said that they are not satisfied with the “illegal hearing” that took place last week, but again “with lies, with fallacies indicating that I am requesting political asylum they want to remove the shackle to return me to Latacunga.”

She also sent the prosecutor Santillán and judge Jhayya a message: “I am here in Pichincha, I am working (…) they will not find me on the rooftops, nor knocking on the embassy door.”

The lawyer Freddy Ron said that he will file a protection action against the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office “because there is harassment and because they are carrying out extrajudicial activities”

Finally, various national and international political leaders and citizens stand in solidarity with the prefect Paola Pabón

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