Assembly members seek to keep their seats

In some cases, political organizations plan to define the list until September 3.

Despite the fact that the number of candidates for the National Assembly is still uncertain, at least 30 legislators will seek to continue in their positions.

Fourteen belong to the ranks of the Citizen Revolution; six are from Creo and the same number from the Social Christian Party (PSC). The rest are from other parties.

The global figure is equivalent to 28% of the 107 legislators who have the possibility of re-election.

Another 30 assembly members, such as Marcela Aguiñaga, Henry Cucalón, Gabriela Rivadeneira, or Mae Montaño, are disqualified after exercising these functions for two periods.

In the case of Alianza País (AP), the list of national assembly members is led by César Litardo, current president of the Legislature, and Ana Belén Marín, member of the Council of Administration of the Legislature (CAL).

Litardo indicated that when the campaign begins, on December 31, he will not resign from his post, but will ask for a license.

Meanwhile, vice presidents César Solórzano (PSP) or Patricio Donoso (I believe), who cannot be re-elected, may replace him.

Within the ruling movement, the rest of the candidates for the Assembly are handled with secrecy, but it is not ruled out that the former mayor of Los Ríos, Marco Troya, is on the list.

The correísmo will be headed by Pierina Correa, sister of former President Rafael Correa, and former Ambassador Ricardo Ulcuango.

In addition, Franklin Samaniego, Marcela Holguín, Pabel Muñoz, Cristóbal Lloret, Nancy Guamba, Ronny Aleaga, Esther Cuesta and Amapola Naranjo will seek re-election.

Sofía Espín, despite the fact that two years ago she was dismissed and then the justice proved her right, she will seek re-election.

In the case of Creo, the names of Luis Pachala, Homero Castanier, Rina Campain, Silvia Vera and Byron Suquilanda sound. The national list will be headed by César Monge.

For the PSC, on the other hand, Dallyana Passailaigue, Vicente Almeyda, Esteban Torres and César Rohón seek re-election. The national list will be headed by Henry Kronfle.

Carlos Falquez Batallas, another of the Christian Social leaders, is expected to return to Parliament.

In turn, list 6 will incorporate assembly members Lourdes Cuesta (former I believe) and Francisco Cadena (from the Conservative movement). In Pichincha he will sponsor Macarena Valarezo and in Guayas, the singer Hilda Murillo.

The list for assembly members by Popular Unity will be headed by its director, Giovanni Atarihuana, and Mery Zamora, former president of the National Union of Educators (UNE).

Among the candidates are Rosana Palacios, for Cotopaxi; Andrés Quishpe, Mauricio Chiluisa, and Nelson Erazo, for Pichincha, leaders of teachers and workers. But the final list will only be known on September 3.

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