Andrés Arauz formally registered his presidential candidacy at the CNE

In addition, he announced that in the coming days former President Correa will also formally accept his nomination.

Andrés Arauz, presidential candidate for the Union for Hope (UNES), went to the office of political organizations of the National Electoral Council (CNE) to accept his candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

The candidate arrived accompanied by dozens of supporters to the CNE offices to sign the acceptance of his candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

In his speech, Arauz indicated that the candidacy for the Presidency will run on List 1 of the Democratic Center, the political organization that welcomed the representatives and candidates of the Citizen Revolution.

“We signed the acceptance of the proclamation of the candidacy for the Democratic Center and we are very grateful for this political organization that allows us to bring together various progressive forces in the country.”

In the same way, he referred to what will happen with the acceptance of the candidacy of Rafael Correa, until now a candidate for Vice President and indicated that Ecuadorians will be pleasantly surprised in the coming days.

“Rafael Correa is proclaimed the Vice President of the Republic and he will accept this appointment as stated in the legislation. The Ecuadorian people must be attentive to this issue, they must pay close attention so that they are not prevented from participating, or representing the Ecuadorian people “

To conclude, Arauz assured that several political forces insist on banning Correa for the next elections and indicated that for this they have mounted a political and judicial persecution.

Arauz was accompanied by several candidates for national assembly members and also Andean parliamentarians such as Ricardo Ulcuango, Kintto Lucas, Virgilio Hernádez, Liliana Durán, José Agualsaca and others.

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