Electoral fund for the promotion of candidates was reduced to less than 50%

The new budget approved by the CNE is USD 20.3 million.

The Plenary of the National Electoral Council (CNE) reduced the 52.1% of the Electoral Promotion Fund with which the advertising of the candidates who will participate in the 2021 elections will be financed. The new budget that the candidates will have for these elections is USD 20 ,3 millions.

One of the directors proposed that 47.9% of the amount that was initially presented, which amounted to USD 42 million, be allocated. Luis Verdesoto presented some variables that should be considered to make way for this reduction.

The proposal achieved the support of the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, and the vice president of the organization, Enrique Pita, this, with the vote of Verdesoto, managed to get this motion approved. For his part, the member José Cabrera abstained and his colleague Esthela Acero voted against.

The president of the CNE, Diana Atmaint, acknowledged that there were several petitions that asked the body not to deliver this Fund, but clarified that it is a Constitutional provision. However, she said that we must not lose sight of the economic and social situation in Ecuador.

To conclude, the director of Electoral Promotion of the CNE indicated that the exact amount for the promotion will be known when the official registrations of the candidates for the 2021 elections are completed.

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