Ecuador lost more than USD 22.000 million in sales during the pandemic

This would be the year with the most losses in the history of the country, even worse than the crisis of 1999.

The health crisis that the country faced due to the coronavirus led to great economic losses for Ecuador. The impact was enormous and this caused hundreds of businesses and enterprises to close their doors and the dismissal of thousands of Ecuadorians.

According to estimates made by the National Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Ecuador, in the country, the pandemic has left losses of more than USD 22,000 million in sales and almost 50% belongs to the commercial sector.

Miguel Ángel González, Alternate President of the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce, said that the most important thing to lift the economy is to remove the restrictions in the country, since this hinders the economic reactivation.

Roberto Aspiazu, Director of the Ecuadorian Business Committee, said that the loss of jobs in the country is significant, but that this will not be solved with the end of the confinement, which is scheduled for September 13.

“There is no magic solution to recover lost employment, it is part of a process, 2020 was a lost year in terms of economic growth”

Tourism is another of the sectors that was seriously affected by the pandemic, due to this, they demand the National Government to promote a reactivation plan when the State of Exception ends.

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