Cancer patients face inconveniences in their care due to lack of payments from the MSP and the IESS

A study with 500 patients revealed that more than 50% stopped their treatment.

Debts maintained by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) prevent patients, especially those with cancer, from accessing their treatments.

Days ago, the Solca de Portoviejo and Loja nuclei announced the suspension of care for patients derived from the MSP and the IESS, due to the debt that these entities face for care of their referrals.

Faced with this situation, institutions have come together to manage the payment of the debt, in order to guarantee care for patients.

Diego Jimbo, president of the National Network of the Agreement Against Cancer Ecuador, explained that in Manabí and Loja the measure is official and that in other provinces they have received reports of lack of care.

Despite this, he said that there is no statement from the entities and rather stated that they are no longer renewing care agreements or are not signing new ones.

Jimbo regretted that exams, surgeries, medications or chemotherapy cannot be performed. Situation that has caused the death of some patients.

He added that the Cancer Agreement network, through its 12 organizations and six allies, has pressured the MSP and the Ministry of Finance to comply with their obligation.

He argued that during the pandemic a study was carried out with 500 patients in 13 provinces that determined that more than 50% stopped their treatment for some reason.

“80% of these patients are unemployed, 15% have an informal job, 5% have a formal job. In other words, the majority will be served by the ministry ”, he specified.

Gustavo Dávila, president of the Youth Against Cancer Foundation, also joined this request.

He commented that many patients are still struggling to continue living and that the Government and the IESS must guarantee that care.

Meanwhile, José Jouvín, president of Solca Guayaquil, recalled that the decisions of the Solca nuclei are autonomous.

Regarding the care in Guayaquil, he explained that the assistance to MSP patients is maintained and that they are trying to negotiate with the Vice Presidency a payment agreement for USD 20 million since last year.

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