Conaie: “New Decree would come into force tomorrow”

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Food, tickets, and fuel prices would return to normal.

Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) President Jaime Vargas stressed that the revoke of Decree 883 was a triumph of the people. He insisted that both the Minister of Government and the Minister of Defense should leave.

“We are asking the leaders for opening the roads of their territories. On the detainees, we have spoken with the Prosecutor Office to release our mates and we have also asked for protection for our leaders.”

Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Cotopaxi leader Leonidas Iza said that all the demands that were proposed must be fulfilled. “Both Minister Maria Paula Romo and Minister Oswaldo Jarrin must leave. That is not negotiable; due to violence and aggression levels that they sowed.

Pachakutik national coordinator Marlin Santi thanked all who participated in the struggle and to the people of Quito. “Now we can call it Luz de America,” he added.

Source: Pichincha Universal

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