TikTok teens thwart Donald Trump campaign start

The president’s meeting took place in a coliseum with partial public presence, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump’s campaign start, for his re-election in November 2020, was not well received by citizens. The place chosen to open his campaign was a stadium in Tusla, Oklahoma, with a capacity of 19,000 people, of which 6,000 were barely reached.

The absence of followers, apparently is due to a campaign carried out on the TikTok social network, where a teenager, Mary Jo Laupp, motivated people to buy tickets to attend Trump’s debut, but finally not attend the day of the event.

“All of us who want to see this 19,000-seat auditorium barely full or completely empty, go book tickets and leave it there alone on stage,” was the slogan the teenager used on TikTok.

Trump and his team didn’t see it coming, the president tweeted last week: “Almost a million people requested tickets to the Saturday night rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!”

Those in charge of the Trump campaign decided to cancel a second presentation that was prepared for people who could not attend the first rally.

Brad Parscale, from the campaign management of Donald Trump, made official the version that the low attendance occurred due to a peaceful demonstration that was outside the Bank of Oklahoma Center stadium in Tulsa.

For the Democratic representative, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the real cause is, the effective campaign, of a group of

“Teen tiktokers who bought tickets to fill out the campaign event, but misled everyone who wanted Trump’s white supremacist open mic amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Sources: Telesur / CNN

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