Hospitalizations for COVID have decreased in Ecuador according to the MSP report

Hospitalizations and ICU occupancy caused by Covid-19 have decreased in Ecuador, according to the health ministry.

Of 564 beds designated in the Hospitals of the Ministry of Health for hospitalization, 4% are occupied. Likewise, in the IESS, ISSPOL and ISSFA Hospitals: of 202 beds, 16% are occupied and in private hospitals with 152 beds, only 5% are occupied.

In contrast, in the Intensive Care Units (ICU), of 87 beds designated for this, only 8% are occupied in the MSP hospitals. While of the 56 beds in the IESS hospitals, 18 are occupied and on the Private Network of 79, 10 are occupied.

In Ecuador, 869,772 positive cases have been registered since the start of the pandemic.

It should be remembered that last Friday, April 29, the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, announced the resolution to eliminate the use of a mandatory mask for the population.

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