Judge ratified innocence of Venezuelans accused by Minister Romo of having sensitive information from the President

Foreigners were arrested in Tababela on October 10, 2019

In the national strike that took place in the country in October last year, the Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, announced that the National Police arrested seventeen Venezuelans with information about the mobilization of the President and Vice President.

Three months after this complaint, the Prosecutor’s Office found no evidence to prosecute them. A magistrate confirmed the innocence of the suspects and declared that they were all taxi drivers of mobile applications.

They had parked their cars at a gas station, in front of the Protocolary Hall of Mariscal Sucre Airport. They met there, when “the state of exception annulled the rights of free association,” says the sentence.

Today, foreigners remember the details of his arrest, but prefer not to discuss the case.

“Maybe it was a misunderstanding, but it affected us a lot. Now we want to live in peace and close that issue. Personally so far I do not recover, I see a policeman and I start to sweat and shake, ”says one of the drivers.

Another of the detainees said that the police presented them to the media as a dangerous band.

“They said these are Venezuelans and that generated more hatred for our people. We had three hours on our knees, arms raised. They checked everything, but they found nothing. ”

Daniel Regalado, president of the Civil Association of Venezuela in Ecuador, said they have waited for public apologies from the Minister of Government, since October. They requested the intervention of the Venezuelan embassy so that the Ecuadorian government recognizes this error.

Of the 19 detainees, 15 recovered their freedom in less than 24 hours since the arrest. The other 4 were charged for alleged unlawful association, but on January 6 the Prosecutor’s Office did not file an accusation because he found no evidence and a judge ordered that all legal measures against him be lifted.

Source: El Comercio – Twitter Ministra María Paula Romo

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