CONAIE blames the State for the excessive use of force in the October strike

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The indigenous organization works on an international demand; while the Government enlists a response to the IACHR.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) reacted to the message of President Lenín Moreno, issued on Monday, January 20, about the protests of October 2019.

On Twitter, Conaie published that “Lenin’s peace and dialogue is at the convenience of its unsustainable version.” This, because the Government can be sued for excessive use of force in the October protests.

The indigenous organization considered that the State must assume its responsibility for the excessive use of force against thousands of people, for the dead, mutilated, detained, persecuted and criminalized.

Even on December 10, the Innocent Tucumbi Association was formed with the victims of the containment of the protests. Tucumbi, an indigenous leader from the province of Cotopaxi, was struck by a tear pump in his head during the demonstrations.

Last week, Jaime Vargas, president of Conaie, said that association will be in charge of international demand. This information emerged as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published its report on the October strike in the country.

One of the conclusions of that document is that there are elements to talk about a disproportionate use of force in the containment of demonstrations against the elimination of fuel subsidies.

On the other hand, in the message to the nation, President Moreno insisted that he “is a man of peace” and “outrages him the threat that the State could be sued by those who would have attempted against the security of Ecuadorians and of democracy. “

The president also mentioned the dialogue table set with the indigenous leadership. However, he noted that the Indians rose from the table when the cameras went out and he added that there was an attempt to overthrow the Government.

While in his speech, Lenin Moreno did not announce any concrete action to deal with an international demand, the Foreign Ministry indicated that a response to the IACHR report is prepared. Situation that was corroborated by Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner, who said he expects a fair job from the IACHR.

Source: El Comercio, Conaie, social networks

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