Murders, violence and torture against LGBT population increased in 2019

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65% of murders are trans women

Murders, violent or unclear deaths, suspicious crime deaths, kidnappings and torture against the LGBT population increased 800% in 2019, according to the latest Runa Sipiy annual report. There are 11 murders registered in the country, the highest figure since 2010.

According to the report, in Ecuador there are 23 recorded cases of murders and violence against the LGBT population.

Photo: Informe Runa Sipiy

For Asociación Silueta X , 2019 is “the year of terror”, compared to 2018, where 3 cases of murders were recorded.

 Variación anual de asesinatos Foto: Informe Sipiy

There are 16 murders, violent or non-clarified deaths and suspected of criminality: 4 against gays and 12 against trans women, representing 75% of murders, violent or non-clarified deaths and suspected of criminality.

Guayas with 39% is the province with the highest rate of violence, and Pichincha with 22%. In this year, the variable of kidnappings and torture carried out through the Gender Identity Conversion Clinics representing 17% was included.

This association indicates that the category of death threats was reduced, but warns that “now those who threaten the right to life of the LGBT population, nowadays no longer threaten, kill.”

Source: Asociación Silueta X, Pichincha Comunicaciones

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