139 new cases of the novel coronavirus in Asia.

PHOTO: Reuters

China has reported its third death and 139 novel cases of the novel coronavirus, related with  to respiratory illness, in Wuhan, Beijin and Shenzhen.

For the first time, there are novel coronavirus cases reported outside of Wuhan. The clinical signs and symptoms reported are mainly fever, with a few cases having difficulty in breathing, and chest radiographs showing invasive pneumonic infiltrates in both lungs.

World Health Organization has provided advice to countries on how to identify people sick with the novel coronavirus, how to care for them, and how to prevent spread.

WHO recommends to clean hands whit soap and water or alcohol- based rub. Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or flexed elbow. Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu- like symptoms.

Airports in the region, as well as three in the United States, have stepped up health screening as a result of the outbreak.

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