Presidency spent USD 1.2 million on communication strategies during the national strike

SECOM hired three companies for these services.

On October 3, 2019, the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, decreed a state of exception. On this date, the Ministry of Communication requested the hiring of communication strategies for national strike

On October 8, the Secretary General of Communication, Gabriel Arroba, requested that the emergency be declared to “address the situation” and “have the means to communicate government management and keep citizens informed.”

That same day, the Secretary General of the Presidency, José Agusto Briones, declared the emergency, and SECOM contracted the services “that are strictly required to overcome the emergency situation”.

The entity allegedly began with the procedures for hiring the company Daycenter S.A .; Promos Latinoamerica Ecuador S.A. and Publicitas Publicity Company for a total of USD 1 272 142 million.

Daycenter S.A. was hired for the implementation of the government communicational alignment strategy for an amount of USD 473 214.29 dollars.

Promos Latinoamérica Ecuador S.A. was also hired for the development of communication and content amplification strategies for the dissemination of advertising and communication campaigns in digital media on the political management and plans of the national government for USD 265,000 dollars.

In the same way, Publicitas Publicity Company of Publicity was hired for the development of creative strategies and production of advertising and communication campaigns on the political management and plans of the national government for USD 533 928.57 dollars.

On the other hand, as the Public Procurement portal is registered, these are not the only contracts executed by the Presidency during the emergency declared because of the national strike.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones

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