Pichincha Universal denounces new attacks on its web portal by government entities of Ecuador

The attacks and attempts of censorship against our media persist. The Presidency of Ecuador and several public entities have made new complaints for the alleged copyright infringement of 263 photographs that rested on our digital portal.
We are very clear that the objective is to cancel, neutralize and block the journalistic job of a public medium of Pichincha Comunicaciones EP.
These images date from several years ago. In no case have they been distorted or adulterated to denounce any official or to misrepresent a story.
This is not the first censorship by the Government: in recent months dozens of complaints have been reported under this same argument or pretext.
It should be clarified that all the images we use have their respective source quotation and are taken from public newsletters, accounts of public entities or public events.
We are struck, and unfortunately, that a Government that has proclaimed itself as a friend of journalists and the media; who has said to defend freedom of expression and has even signed international treaties to support this right, carry out this type of unintelligible and unjustified actions.
Knowing that these attacks are recurring, our multimedia team created portraits of some officials, but it becomes almost impossible to graph a full Cabinet.
We must not forget that even the IACHR was pronounced by several abuses and intimidations against our media, such as the search of the State Attorney General’s office at our facilities and the seizure of technological equipment that has hindered our daily exercise. There is still an open criminal investigation conducted by the Office of Organized, Transnational and International Crime.
And we want to take the opportunity to denounce that the harassment has extended to our work team, since several of our journalists have suffered harassment and threats to their personal lives.
To the public’s knowledge, these are the entities that feel affected by the use of their images:

• Presidency of the Republic
• Vice Presidency of the Republic
• National Court of Justice
• National Electoral Council
• Citizen Participation and Social Control Council
• Risk Management Secretariat
• ECU 911
• State Attorney General
• Petroecuador
• Secretariat of Human Rights
• Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation
• Ministry of Environment
• Ministry of Tourism
• Official register
• Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Resources

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