Fire on the Casitagua hill in Quito

PHOTO: Bomberos quito

About 200 people participate in the operation to put out the fire on the Casitagua hill.

On Wednesday, January 15, the forest fire extinguishing operations resumed on the Casitagua hill, in the Pomasqui sector, to the northwest of Quito. The Armed Forces and the National Police cooperate with the Fire Department to solve this emergency.

“We will insure the Pipeline that is located in the north-high area of ​​the hill,” said the commander of the Fire Department, Esteban Cárdenas. Now, the fire will extinguish on the north and south sides and then confine it to the center.

The official expects the fire to be controlled on Wednesday. A Fire helicopter, two aircraft, the Armed Forces and the National Police try to put out the fire.

In addition, the Ministry of Environment warned about the presence of volatile particles that affect ozone in the sectors of San Antonio de Pichincha, Pomasqui and Carapungo that added to the strong UV rays could cause respiratory problems.

Source: Bomberos Quito, ECU 911, Pichincha Universal, redes sociales

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