Iván Duque does not attend the dialogue with the indigenous people in Plaza Bolívar

The president believes that a dialogue is not achieved through ultimatums and considers that the indigenous mobilization and its agglomerations “puts the health and lives of all Colombians at risk.”

The Indigenous people of Colombia mobilized to Bogotá to have a dialogue about life, territory, democracy and peace with the president of the republic, Iván Duque, due to the wave of violence that their communities have been going through a few months ago.

The indigenous mobilization was concentrated in Plaza Bolívar, one block from the presidential headquarters. However, the president did not attend the appointment and left his chair empty at an event that the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (CRIC) had prepared.

The CRIC was very upset by Duque’s attitude, published a photo of the empty chair and commented that this is something historical.

For his part, Duque maintains his position that this mobilization “puts the health and lives of all Colombians at risk.” The indigenous people had stated that the president and the government had until noon to communicate their attendance at the dialogue, about this period the Colombian president commented that:

“If we have discussions, let us hold them within the framework of democracy, without there having to be summons or ultimatums, or invoking judgments that have no basis.”

The indigenous people were received by the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, who expressed all her support “for any process of dialogue and agreement.”

The main slogan of these protests is for the government to pay more attention to the violence that various indigenous communities are experiencing. According to the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz), during this 2020 more than 40 indigenous leaders have been killed in different violent crimes.

Source: RT – El Espectador

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