United States: Protests in Philadelphia leave more than 90 detainees

11 people are charged with assaulting the police and more than 70 are accused of causing looting and excesses during the demonstrations.

91 people were arrested during the two nights of protests in Philadelphia for the death of a young man at the hands of two policemen. The officers fired on a young man who allegedly refused to lower a knife he was holding.

Police reports revealed that 11 people were charged with alleged assaults on police officers. Meanwhile, more than 70 people were accused of causing looting and excesses during the demonstrations.

Several media outlets and social leaders reported that the protests began peacefully, where the protesters joined in shouting the name of Walter Wallace and demanding justice from the authorities.

Walter Wallace suffered from mental problems, according to his relatives and acquaintances, he was killed by two police officers when they responded to the emergency call by a man with a weapon. The protesters rounded up the police and burned several patrol cars.

In recent months, the United States has lived amidst major protests of racial violence and police brutality. Since George Floyd’s death, there have also been regrettable encounters between uniformed men and African-Americans.

Source: teleSur – CNN

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