Cartoonist Quino, the creator of Mafalda, dies aged 88

Photo: RT
Photo: RT

Quino is considered one of the greatest icons of Argentina and the world

Joaquín Salvador Lavado, known as Quino, died this Wednesday in Argentina at the age of 88, a day after his most popular creation was published 56 years ago: Mafalda.

Mafalda appeared for the first time in “Gregorio”, the humor supplement of the magazine “Leoplán” on September 29, 1964 to be published regularly in the weekly “Primera Plana” in Buenos Aires.

Quino developed the adventures of his most popular character between 1964 to 1973, although the stories of the iconic girl have been replicated around the world until today.

The son of Andalusian immigrants, Joaquín Salvador Lavado was born in the city of Mendoza on July 17 and from the beginning he was named Quino to distinguish him from his uncle Joaquín Tejón, a painter and graphic designer.

Quino is considered the most international and most translated graphic humorist in the Spanish language.

The popular cartoon Mafalda celebrates its 56th anniversary since its first publication on Tuesday, and now its creator has passed away.

The Government of the province of Mendoza decreed 24 hours of mourning for the death of Quino. “It was always a source of pride for the people of Mendoza and today, even in this sad moment, we have it more in mind than ever,” said Governor Rodolfo Suárez.

Condolences for the death of Quino multiplied in social networks, which included politicians, artists and intellectuals from all over the world.

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