Progressive International rejects the disqualification of Andrés Arauz for the 2021 elections in Ecuador

Progressive International have warned the National Electoral Council of Ecuador of the “grave consequences” of banning Andrés Arauz from the 2021 election

The international organization Progresista ruled on the alleged banning attempt that the UNES, Andrés Arauz and Carlos Rabascall binomial would be facing, by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Given this, he issued a statement to this organization, which was signed by various authorities, intellectuals and leaders worldwide, to show their concern on this issue and warn the international community that, if this threat is materialized, it would be a serious violation. to the human rights of Ecuadorians.

“Preventing the electoral participation of the main opposition force would constitute a violation of Ecuadorian law, a serious violation of the fundamental rights of the Ecuadorian people — to choose and be elected — and a breach of the democratic standards that govern International Law.”

In the same way, they called on the members of the CNE to respect the right of Ecuadorians to have free and transparent elections, since a bad decision would have serious consequences throughout the world.

“We are writing to you to emphasize that a violation of these norms would have dramatic consequences for the people of Ecuador and for the destiny of democratic governance throughout the world.”

Other world leaders also rejected this attempted ban. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, French politician and former candidate for the presidency of this country, warned that in Ecuador there could be fraud in the next elections and that the attempt to ban the UNES binomial would occur because he is the candidate most likely to triumph in the following elections.

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