Colombian indigenous people demolish statue of Spanish conquistador

Indigenous Senator Feliciano Valencia said that “a symbol of 500 years of humiliation and domination of indigenous peoples falls.”

Dozens of indigenous Colombians demolished this Wednesday the statue of the Spanish conqueror Sebastián de Belalcázar installed in the Morro de Tulcán, in the city of Popayán, department of Cauca, in the west of the South American country.

The image of the Spanish conqueror (1480-1551) was demolished in the middle of a protest carried out by community members of the Misak, Nasa and Pijao peoples.

The scene was recorded in a video, in which the way in which the statue of the person who was appointed advance and life owner governor of Popayán in 1540 can be observed, and then lying to one side.

In a message posted on the Twitter social network, the indigenous senator Feliciano Valencia published the video and wrote: “A symbol of 500 years of humiliation and domination falls to the original peoples.”

“My respects to the Misak brothers and sisters. As a multiethnic and multicultural State, other symbols must flourish and adorn the libertarian landscape, ”added the legislator.

The Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (CRIC), for its part, published a tweet in which it states:

“If the government is outraged by the violence against the statues, the existing lives that violence takes away from us hurt us.”

In another message, the indigenous entity explained that the people who demolished the statue did so because they were “tired of death in the territories passing on horseback, motorbike, in trucks, in helicopters and taking lives, feelings, people.”

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